Welcome to Cohort Sistas

Advancing Racial and Gender Equity in Doctoral Education

Why Cohort Sistas?

We envision equitable doctoral education as a path to progress, prosperity, and transformative societal change.

We foster inclusive pathways to advanced research doctorates by enhancing the recruitment, retention, success, and well-being of historically excluded scholars, especially Black women and non-binary people. Since 2020, Cohort Sistas has provided digital resources, personalized mentorship, and a supportive network to doctoral students, applicants, and degree holders, helping them navigate academia, build meaningful careers, and improve their well-being.

Our Programs

Our culturally tailored and community-led programming focuses on three core pillars: resources, mentorship, and community.

Resources and Events:

  • Success Series: Monthly expert-led professional development workshops covering topics such as grant writing, research methodology, time management, and networking skills.
  • Research and Jobs Board: A curated board providing members with access to research opportunities, job listings, and career advancement resources.
  • Scholarship and Fellowship Database: A comprehensive database offering information on scholarships and fellowships.
  • Graduate Fair: An annual event connecting prospective doctoral students with leading graduate programs, offering insights and guidance on the application process.
  • Career Summit: A two-day event featuring industry leaders, panel discussions, and networking opportunities designed to prepare scholars for successful careers in academia and beyond.

Mentorship Programs:

  • Sankofa Application Academy: A 12-week doctoral application course with guided material reviews and office hours hosted by doctoral degree holders.
  • Success Collective: Leadership development, group coaching, writing accountability, and peer mentoring for doctoral students and applicants.
  • Sista Circle: A year-long small-group mentorship program pairing doctoral students with peers in related disciplines and doctoral degree-holding mentors for academic, professional, and emotional support.

Community Building:

  • Our digital community platform is a vibrant, interactive space for members to connect, share experiences, and support one another. It hosts virtual and in-person wellness events, peer support groups, and networking opportunities, fostering a strong, resilient community.

Who Is This For?

Cohort Sistas is open to all individuals who share our mission to advance equity in doctoral education and support historically underrepresented scholars. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexuality, or background. If you...

  • Are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia;
  • Are looking for resources, mentorship, and community tailored to the needs of Black women and other historically excluded scholars;
  • Seek to enhance your professional development through valuable mentorship opportunities;
  • Want to connect with a diverse and empowering network of doctoral scholars;
  • Aim to contribute to building a supportive network of researchers dedicated to societal change;

Then Cohort Sistas is for you!

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